Written By: Dr. Arnaud Develay International Executive Director Legal Affairs and Human Rights Department REMARKS BEARING ON THE CONCLUSIONS OF THE REPORT PUBLISHED IN SEPT. 2021 BY AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ENTITLED “YOU’RE GOING TO YOUR DEATH: VIOLATIONS AGAINST SYRIAN REFUGEES GOING BACK TO SYRIA” 1. The Report’s Title is Misleading asContinue Reading

Catharina van Staveren International Peace Leader Netherlands To me existing “OutOfManyOnePeople” (1) (or lady of all nations) (2) having my roots in all continents of our world, I strongly feel the need to call out to all of you my brothers, my sisters. We appear in many sizes and colours.Continue Reading

Kashmir Solidarity Day & 10 Characteristics of Solidarity Rone de Beauvoir is a Global Goodwill Ambassador and Executive Director, International Executive Board IIPL and Founder/CEO of FISH https://youtu.be/xCJ9p7yFZwsSince 1947 Kashmir has been under a curfew, with many of the simple pleasures of life excluded, forbidden, and removed. Join me onContinue Reading

Dr. Uswa Shahbaz Clinical Psychiatrist, Executive Director Institute of International Peace Leaders and Women In my sessions I told people for so many times u just need to stay happy.. Positive.. And hope full.. If u want to get a good mental health.Mental health is important  for every one.. AsContinue Reading