COP26 – HUMANITY SEES RED, ME TOO …As the Conference of the Parties n ° 26 opens in Glasgow, the last 5 years have shown the appearance, all over the world, of increasingly important climatic phenomena, of extreme violence with populations who are suffering and dying. .The figures from experts around the world are final. They confirm a significant acceleration of global warming bringing the planet’s temperature to +1.5 ° C for 2030 instead of 2100 compared to the forecasts of COP21, 6 years ago. This situation is due to the fact that Man continues to produce greenhouse gases in his industrialization.Everyone can understand that the synergy of global warming, thus triggered, is irreversible. There are around 50 polluting industries in the world, which must be shifted to greener energies to manage to stabilize this global warming.So, ladies and gentlemen, the heads of state say “responsible”, what are you waiting for to take the necessary measures vis-à-vis your polluters? Doesn’t the Environmental Code say: polluter pays!This COP26 can only be a success if a repressive component is added to the agreement, with heavy fines, and accompanied by a timetable. Let’s stop the masquerade: “I sign the agreement, I take the picture, and I come out when it suits me.”As we speak, there is EMERGENCY! The northern hemisphere continues to pollute the world, while the southern hemisphere is drowning more and more, all with utter indifference.I SEE RED !!!

UN HUMANITARIAN & AMBASSADOR FOR THE PACIFIC ISLANDS UN Humanitarian and Ambassador for the Pacific Islands, Michel Trigalleau posted on his facebook.

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