How Do Vaccines Actually Works?

CoVID 19 Updates

vaccines that have saved millions of lives. But how do vaccines actually work? 

In today’s video, we explain how vaccines help protect us from diseases, including COVID-19.

Our bodies don’t know how to fight a new virus like COVID-19. Vaccines safely train our immune system to recognise the virus – so that if we get infected, our bodies can fight back. This not only protects each of us from getting sick — it protects our communities. Because when enough of us are vaccinated, the virus can’t spread easily, saving lives.

Vaccines have protected us from deadly diseases like measles, smallpox and tetanus. Now, because of the new vaccines, we have the chance to end the COVID-19 crisis. But only if we make sure everyone has access. This means we need to ensure vaccines go first to those who need them most — wherever they are in the world.

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