“Ukraine’s Early Harbinger of Multiculturalism: Sesquicentenary of Ahatanhel Krymsky (1871 – 1942)”

Peace and Security

First Deputy Minister Emine Dzharparova Address to the participants of the
webinar “Ukraine’s Early Harbinger of Mulitculturalism Sesquicentenary of
Abatanhel Krymsky (1871 – 1942)”. The address was read by Dr. Olena Bordilovska.

It is with particular joy that I express my warmest greetings to the organizers,
speakers and participants of the webinar “”

Such kinds of event is a great example of how common heritage and public
diplomacy can contribute to enrichment of bilateral cooperation between the
Bringing the light on a contribution which Ukrainian Crimean Orientalist
Ahatanhel Krymsky made to better understanding of the history of Islam.
Muslim culture, literature and traditions. We open a new track to deepen and
enrich bilateral connections between Ukraine, Pakistan dnd Oriental countries.

In spite of his world’s glory and encyclopedic knowledge, the Soviet system
tried to destroy and eradicate name of Ahatanhel Krymskyfrom the memory
of many generations because of his Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian identity.
Today modern Russia continues to erase and rewrite the history of Crimea
and Crimean Tatars. Since temporary occupation of Crimea in 2014, it has been
illegally prosecuting and detaining all dissentient voices who opposed the
occupation, in particular Crimean Tatars. Therefore, Ukraine has a task not only to
defend its territorial integrity but also to preserve and protect the history and tradtions
of Crimea and Crimean Tatars for the world.
In Ukraine, we say that Ahatanhel Krymsky is “the best Crimean gift to Ukraine”, but
I dare to day he is the best Ukrainian gift to the world in particular Islamic world.
His work gives the world understanding that multiculturalism and respect to different
cultures has been experienced in Ukraine in various times and in different contexts.
Ahatanhel Krymsky is a great example of how common heritage connect us despite
our geographical distance and cultural differences. I believe that by exploring our
common heritage we can lay out a foundation for the new promising partnership
in public diplomacy domain.
I therefore express my best wishes for the successful outcome of the webinar, trusting
that it may make a valuable contribution towards the joint studies of Ahatanhel Krmsky
legacy, as well as offer all participants the occasion for an enriching and fruitful exchange
in future.

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