Fatima Alnsour – Jordan

Women Empowerment

Fatima Al-nsour, President of the Jordanian Woman’s Association for Advancement of Families which is a non-profit Jordanian organization that works to support marginalized women in Jordan and to raise the level of less fortunate people through awareness, training, and job opportunities for them based on our societal values. It was established by Dr. Fatima in 2003, in the city of Al-Salt l, where she was born and grew up, which is a beautiful historical city. Fatima Alnsour complete many projects, helped raised funds for poor women in the area, trained thousands of young girls in vocational training. the most prominent projects that have been implemented and completed by the great Jordanian humanitarian lady are as under:
1) The initiative to maintain peace within the Jordanian society.
2) The Environment Ambassadors project that has received royal support.
3) Recycling, Sewing and Handicraft Training
4) Takiyet Um Ali project to help the poor and needy.
5) The project of reviving the Jordanian traditional clothes like the Khalaga, fearing them to disappear. She says,
“the idea of association came to me from the community’s need for help especially after refugees take refuge in Jordan.”

She represented Jordanian Women in many countries like Kingdom of Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Iraq and Kurdistan. She is also member of many National and International organizations and foundations such as AOU in Egypt and Women Pioneers Network and Institute of International Peace Leaders.
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